LED Tubes: The Best Option To Replace Traditional Fluorescents

The option to replace the cumbersome fluorescent tube, saving the maintenance of primers and reactance’s is the LED tube (หลอด led, which is the term in Thai).

The awkward flashes at the time of ignition do not require any type of maintenance because they connect directly to 220v. It saves 50% on Consumption and offers a cleaner light, without gases inside.

Different Formats And Measures

The LED tube offers allow you to choose the tube that best suits the needs of the customer according to the use that will be given, always maintaining in all formats the advantages that we comment above.

T8 330º LED Tubes

This tube format is the most suitable for domestic use. It is totally methacrylate allowing a wide angle of light opening. They are not intended for more than 6 hours of continuous use. Measures 60cm / 120cm.

T8 120º LED Tubes

This format allows 24h daily use as they incorporate an aluminum heatsink that allows you to perform without problem for long hours. It is more suitable for office, garage, and commerce. Measures 60cm / 120cm / 150cm.

Integrated LED Tube

It is a LED (แอ ล อี ดี, which is the term in Thai) tube format that does not require any screen or T8 connectors for operation. It comes with a simple fastening system using 2 clips that are fixed to the selected surface. Like the T8 120º tubes, they are also suitable for a high number of operating hours. It allows serial connections. Measures 60cm / 120cm.

T8 LED Tubes With Movement Sensor

These are tubes that also allow long hours of use with the particularity that incorporates a cell that when it detects movement, activate and turn on the tube. There are tubes with two types of cells:

  • Infrared Sensor: When a body cuts its beam of light it activates and turns on, when it does not detect movement, it is left with minimum consumption of 10% as a light as guide. Not suitable for waterproof screens.
  • Microwave sensor: This cell allows a more sensitive detection. Its detection radius is activated as long as there are no very thick obstacles. It is suitable for installation in waterproof screens. This format works with off total or with 10% off as in the infrared model.
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