How is the Internet of Things is changing the world?

You might have come across the term IoT, and have wondered what it is. IoT stands for the Internet of Things. If you would research online to know more about it, you will definitely get confused because of the over complex definitions of it. To keep it simple, IoT is nothing but connecting the environment to the world of the internet, involving sending and receiving signals. This can automate all the tasks that a person has to do. These tasks are not only limited to your computers and smartphones but also the processes and environment around you. The goal of IoT is pretty simple and is to connect everything in the world to the internet so they can send and receive information back and forth and act accordingly.

Know why this Internet of Things is crucial for a change:

Take your phone as an example; if you would have to listen to a song, you don’t need to have it on your phone. You are connected to this magical world of that internet, which stores almost everything you can imagine. You daily need to send the information asking for that particular song, and you will receive the signals accordingly, resulting in streaming of that song on your device. There is no need that you need to have that song stored on your phone. All you need is a device that can send and receive signals.

Try to see the bigger picture of how this can benefit everyone:

IoT technology [เทคโนโลยี IoT, which is the term in Thai] is growing rapidly and people are getting to know its potential. As an example, this can benefit the farmers by watering their crops only the time when they need it. As it is a machine, there is no chance of any error or mistake that could result in the destruction of crops. Apply for data science training to learn more

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