What To Consider When Buying A Doormat

To protect the car from soiling, it is advisable to place a doormat that can be gotten from Unimat traffic for instance in front of each seat. A lot accumulates under the shoes, for example, sand, leaves, small stones, and, in the worst case, dog poop. To prevent all of this from contaminating the floor of the car, a doormat should be used. In winter, it catches moisture and snow. But what should be considered when buying?

Buying A Doormat – What Should You Look Out For?

The robust mats are laid out in the footwell of almost every car. Rightly so, because they fulfill various functions: They prevent both dirt and moisture from penetrating the flooring. Floor mats also reduce the risk of the bodywork rusting through prematurely. They are beneficial, can be obtained inexpensively, and help maintain the value of the car. New cars usually have floor mats from the factory or dealer. But they wear out over the years so that an exchange is necessary. If necessary, they can be easily replaced. If you want to buy new car floor mats, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

Size And Fit

First of all, check which size is suitable for the doormat. If it is a replacement mat, the previous dimensions can be used. When buying a doormat for the first time, the length and width of the footwell are measured at the front and back. It should by no means be too long because the pedals cannot then be operated correctly, which is a great danger, especially in emergency braking. Anyone who knows the make, model, and year of manufacture of the car can also find the floor space dimensions on the Internet.

Slip Resistance Is Important

Safety is significantly increased with a non-slip doormat. It should, therefore, not only fit well into the footwell but also have a coating to prevent slipping. Especially with damp shoe soles, you don’t slip off so quickly when getting in.

Thickness Of The Doormat For Higher Quality

The mat should be thick enough and made of dense fibers, as this provides additional insulation. It protects the interior of the car from the cold on the ground. Stable mats made of rubber with a raised edge have proven themselves well. Another variant is car carpets, such as velour, which are a little more time-consuming to clean than rubber mats.


A floor mat should be standard in every car because it protects against dirt and moisture. When buying, you should make sure that it fits perfectly to prevent slipping and restricted use of the pedals. A mat that has a non-slip underside so that it always stays in place is ideal.

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