Leather shoulder Holster

A holster is a holder for a gun or any other firearm. It is usually made up of leather. It is worn on the belt or under the arm. There are different types of holsters based on their purpose. Some of the holsters are pocket holsters, shoulder holsters, outside the waistband holster, inside the waistband holster, ankle holster, leg holster, bag holster, purse holster, etc. A holster that is hung from the shoulder of the shooter and is made of pure leather is known as a Leather shoulder Holster. It is usually worn under the arm so that the handgun can be kept under the coat. 

The major aim of a holster is to provide easy access to the gun to the shooter. Some shooters prefer to choose horizontal holsters while some choose vertical holsters. It all depends on the shooter to choose the size and frame of the holster. The size of the pistol also matters in choosing the type of leather shoulder holster.

Advantages of using leather shoulder holsters

Some of the customized holsters are famous and are known for their ability to be noiseless. When the gun is drawn out of the holster, it makes no noise and that counts as an attractive quality. Not only this, but they also form themselves closely around the firearm to protect it and keep it safe.

Types of Leather Shoulder Holster

  • Vertical leather shoulder Holster: this shoulder holster lies against the shoulder of the shooter’s body. The gun or the firearm can be placed in an upside-down direction. 
  • Horizontal leather shoulder Holster: the gun or any firearm lies horizontal in this holster. This gives quick and immediate access to the gun to the shooter. 
  • 45° leather shoulder holsters: in this holster, the gun is placed at an angle of 45°. Better concealment is provided. The gun is easy to draw.

How are leather shoulder holsters made?

Different companies that make different holsters use different raw materials to customize these holsters. Different types of holsters are manufactured depending on their different purposes. Some of the companies use animals or animal skin like a crocodile, ostrich leg, shark, stingray, etc. whereas some of them use vegetable tan, different types of trees and plants, etc. to manufacture these holsters. The leather shoulder holsters are manufactured and modified very effectively, with high-quality material to ensure durability and extra safety of the pistol, gun, or any firearm and the shooter. Different companies manufacture leather shoulder holsters in different manners and different materials. It depends on the manufacturer. The shooter should have a good knowledge of holsters to choose the best types of leather shoulder holsters. 

A shooter keeps various things in mind while choosing a shoulder holster. Some of the important factors to be kept in mind while choosing a holster are:

  1. Position of the leather shoulder holster
  2. The comfort of the holster
  3. The fit of a gun in the holster
  4. Retention of the gun

No shooter would want his gun to fall or give any problem. Hence, these factors can be kept in mind while choosing a holster. 

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