HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage

Cloud Bank Storage space is a capacity of HPE StoreOnce systems that permits back-up storage space to be extended to the public, as well as personal cloud solutions, including Amazon AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, as well as Scality S3 emulation. It integrates the efficiency of HPE StoreOnce 3100 and above versions for deduplication with cloud-based or on-premises things storage to decrease the expense for long-term backup retention. Cloud Bank is an extension of the HPE StoreOnce catalyst that allows catalyst stores to make use of exterior object storage space to store backup data. A Cloud Bank store is accessible through HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy, which Information guard sustains natively, and can be deployed without having to transform existing back-up processes.

How does Micro Emphasis Information Guard Collaborate with HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage Space?

The information guard has actually supported StoreOnce Catalyst, consisting of catalyst replicate for numerous years. The driver combination is built directly right into the data guard media representative, so no added software program plugins are needed to be installed or handled. As a result, the data guard’s catalyst combination unconditionally sustains cloud bank storage space since a cloud bank shop acts similar to a typical StoreOnce catalyst store. This native combination allows clients to utilize HPE StoreOnce deduplication when saving, sending, as well as retrieving back-up information from public or private cloud storage.

Exactly how to allow Cloud Bank Storage in a Data Guard as well as StoreOnce atmosphere?

Take the following actions to allow Cloud Bank Storage space with Data Protector:

  • Upgrade StoreOnce System firmware to 3.18.2 or deploy 3.18.2 HPE StoreOnce VSA. Cloud Bank is readily available on the complying with StoreOnce Systems: VSA (4TB -50 TB), 3100/3520/3540, 5100/5500, and 6600.
  • Upgrade StoreOnce System memory if needed
  • Install the StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage space certificate and optional detach the license
  • Develop or utilize existing neighborhood Catalyst store(s).
  • Produce equivalent Information Protector Catalyst tool targets.
  • Provision item storage account and get essential gain access to info.
  • Produce Cloud Bank store as well as indicate private/public cloud object storage space.
  • Produce equivalent Information Protector Driver gadget target.
  • Define or utilize existing backup specifications that have neighborhood Catalyst store(s) as target.
  • Create things copy specification for matching back-up specifications to do Catalyst Replicate between regional Catalyst store(s) as well as Cloud Bank store.
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