How do Practising GATE Previous Year Papers Help?

GATE, or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering as it’s called, is an all Indian online computer-based test used to analyse the comprehensive understanding of several undergraduate subjects in Engineering or Science. Candidates who are aspiring to appear for the GATE examinations can look at this article to understand the significance and role of GATE. 

Meanwhile, the competition for GATE can be pretty excruciating and acing it can be challenging. One of the resources that can help the candidates score high marks in the exams easily is the GATE 2020 Question paper of the selected subjects by the candidate and the other relevant study materials. In this article, we have established the need to practise GATE previous year papers, thus aiming to ace this exam. 

Advantages of GATE Exams 

Here, let us first go through the advantages or benefits of acing the GATE exams. Some crucial reasons for this are given here. 

  • GATE scores determine the candidates’ entry into top-notch M. Tech/ME/MS institutes 
  • It is considered as the qualifying test for many PSUs(public sector undertakings)
  • The validity of the GATE scores are for three years 
  • The National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University, as well as some companies, look at the GATE score for their entrance procedure 
  • For some colleges/institutes, GATE qualification is a mandatory requirement even for admission without an MHRD scholarship/assistantship 

Reasons why Practising Question Papers is Required

Since we have already established the multi-purpose and the benefits of appearing for GATE exams above, we will see how practising previous year papers can help candidates ace these GATE exams. 

  • Previous year papers, especially of the most recent year, gives an idea about the difficulty level of questions 
  • As the candidates get familiar with the question paper pattern, they gain more confidence to face the exams 
  • Solving the GATE question papers help the candidates to prepare more effectively for the exams 
  • Practising these papers is the best way to identify the mistakes, correct them before the exam and avoid them during it 
  • Candidates can also self analyse their performance and identify the weak areas they would need to focus more on 
  • Answering these papers is the best way to enhance the candidates’ time management skills 
  • Knowing the exam pattern helps the candidates to get used to writing actual exams 
  • Practising the previous year papers is also one way to hone their general aptitude skills 

From the above points, it is evident that the importance of GATE previous year papers in acing the exams have been established. Knowing the difficulty level of the questions papers will help the candidates be better prepared for the exams. Apart from all these tips and tools, a sound strategy is also a prerequisite to acing exams. 

Any candidate who aspires to score higher would have to combine their skill set with the difficulty level of the questions. And what better way to ace the GATE exam than by solving the past years’ question papers? Candidates can browse through these articles and start preparing for the exams to score high. 

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