4 Tips for Choosing the Best 3D Printed Male Chastity Cages for You

A frequently asked question is how to select a chastity device. And the answer isn’t always obvious because there are several parameters to examine, and no gadget will be suitable for everyone.

So, here are seven things you should consider:

1. Purpose

What is your true motivation for your interest in male chastity? Are you just going to experiment with that and then, or are you serious about wearing it for lengthy periods with no release?

The answers to those questions will be one of the most important considerations in your final decision because, in general, the longer you want to wear it, the more suitable it must be to meet the diverse demands of real-life.’

Consider starting easy and inexpensively – you might not want to spend a fortune on a custom-made device just to discover that chastity isn’t as delightful as you expected.

2. Price

Some people claim that more expensive chastity belts and gadgets are ‘expensive.’ In my opinion, you would be better off thinking about it in value terms rather than cost. If chastity is your innermost fantasy, it may be worth investing a significant lot of money in a belt or 3D printed male chastity cages that truly function for you.

3. Safety

No gadget can ever be completely secure. Some, though, are more protected than others. For instance, unless you already have a 3D printed male chastity cages or belt that is kept in place by a piercing, you will very certainly be able to escape without harm with a lot of lubrication and effort, as well as some agony.

As a result, a more secure chastity device necessitates greater commitment, generally in the form of a piercing as well as a more complex design.

4. Convenience

You hear ridiculous stories about women who want their guys to be in anguish and misery while wearing a chastity belt. To cut a long story short, if your belt isn’t comfy, you won’t wear it (never mind the possibility of long-term damage).

And if you’re not wearing it, you’re not going to obtain the chastity you want.

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