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There are so many Cannabis concentrates available in the online dispensary. It is difficult to understand the difference between these concentrates but knowing them can greatly benefit you when you buy weed Canada. No matter you buy distillates or live resins both will get you high however difference will be in their effects.  

THC distillates- 

 Isolated Cannabinoid such as THC is used to make distillates. They are very potent and so you get high on consuming them. This product is attractive for those who don’t want to experience a taste of cannabis. The THC distillates are tasteless and very easy to consume.  

Live resins-  

Live resins are made such that the flavor and aroma of weed remain preserved in the concentrates. So, the users can experience the natural taste of weed by smoking the live resins. The difference between THC distillates and live resins is in their extraction process. 


In the distillates heat is used to extract THC while in live resin freezing temperatures is used as an extraction process. After the extraction, the Cannabis flowers are flash frozen in case of live resin. Due to freezing the Cannabinoid and terpenes are preserved. Also, freezing helps preserve the aromas and taste of the plant. As the heat is not utilized in live resins the decarboxylation doesn’t occur and so, THC is not activated.  

On the other hand, distillates are made by using heat for extraction of Cannabinoid and then purified using winterization. In the process, all the other parts of plants are burnt to leave behind THC. The isolates THC is then taken and other chemicals like terpenes and flavors are added to them.  


For high THC experience you should use distillates while if you are looking for holistic experience then live resins are best for you.  

Apart from that, there are several other Cannabis products like edibles- gummies, bars, chocolate, cookies, snacks, etc. And the oil that comes with CBD and this product is nonpsychoactive. The users can add the oil to their food in few drops or use it under the tongue or along the cheeks. 

Depending on what kind of benefits you are looking for you can choose the Cannabis product. Buy weed online and bulk orders will bring special offers and demands.  Where to buy weed online?  To buy weed online open your browser and search top dispensaries. The dispensaries will have their reviews and other information which will let you know the quality of products and services they offer.  

If you don’t have any idea what to buy them contact the dispensary and they will ask you some questions like what effect, you are looking for and how do you want to consume weed? The users can tell them and the team will suggest to you the best strains and products which can meet your demands.  

To make an order you will just add the product to the cart choose the quantity and pay the bill. You will receive confirmation through the mail and the product will be ready to dispatch to your place. 

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