Press powder is necessary for the makeup:

For the good makeup over the foundation Pressed Powder [แป้ง พัฟ, which is the term in Thai] is necessary. Pressed powder is very essential for the makeup. Because all the liquid makeup can be wiped out soon or can’t be applied on the face very well. But with the help of pressed powder, the makeup can be set to the same place. So, that it doesn’t come easily. And, it is very helpful if someone ahs the oily skin. In that case, the pressed powder is very much needed.

Because some areas of the face can’t be done through the foundation and other products. And, with those oily skin it can easily be removed. So, use the pressed powder for better makeup and glowing face also.

Makeup should last long

The makeup should last long, and with the help of pressed powder, it can be done. Because a normal makeup in which foundation and cream are applied. It can be wiped out very easily if someone has oily skin. And that is a problem for many people. But with the help of pressed powder anyone having oily skin can be treated. Just apply the pressed powder after applying the makeup. And then see the result. There will not be any kind of patch on the skin will occur. The pressed powder will hold the makeup very well.

Don’t use it on the dry skin

If someone has dry skin, then they should avoid using pressed powder. Because it will make the skin drier so, it is better not to apply the pressed powder on the face. Because pressed powder controls the oily skin and when it is applied on the dry skin. It will dry the skin more and more.

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