How Do You Pick Wheel Chocks?

Whether you’re altering your oil, broken down on the side of the road or a few nefarious villains has cut your brake line and you took care of it to find a stop before collapsing headlong into an overpass embankment, wheel chocks can come in handy. As we’ve discovered, they provide an uphill impediment to your vehicle’s tires, as well as wheels, do not travel normally uphill. What’s even more, a wheel chock uses rubbing to keep your car from gliding. So, they’re an all-around great financial investment to keep in your trunk. Yet what’s the most effective method to mount wheel chocks?

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Depending on the slope of the street where your vehicle is parked, wheel chocks should be installed on the side of the wheel that deals with the descending slope. If you cannot figure out which method your street is sloping, or if it seems flat, it’s recommended that you chock both sides of the wheel. Always utilize sets of chocks in tandem along with the rear tires. If you position a chock behind the back left tire, as an example, you’ll wish to place one more chock behind the rear right tire too. For the perfect outcomes, chocks are mounted over the back wheels, as suggested by OSHA.

When you require wheel chocks can be a matter of fate, such as when you’re stranded on the side of the road. In these instances, you will not have an option about the conditions of where your automobile is parked, like the slope of the road. But if you’re executing upkeep on your vehicle, a situation that asks for chocks, as well as you have an option of where to park it, there’re some aspects you must think about.

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