Styling for Workout or Gyms – Remember the Body Types

Mothers looking for activewear for an active life should be aware of the top fashion stores. Mothercare is the best online destination to shop these stuffs. The makes this easy and accessible with Mothercare code Egypt. Selecting an activewear could be a challenge. Moms should choose fabric, design and color that suit the personality. Right dressing gives you confidence for the best performance. Whether you are an ordinary person or an athlete, it is necessary to do all the gym sessions actively according to the instructions of trainers. Girls with various body shapes should not ignore the significance of figure type. This factor is important for the normal dressing as well as gym apparels.

Hourglass Figure:

This figure resembles to Kelly Jenner. Means girls having this type of body figure are lucky because of the sexy curves. Remember, the girls die for these curves but you have these blessing figures naturally. You should be thankful to Mother Nature for this gift. Girls with hourglass figure should prefer the V-neck tops. Would you like flattering the cleavage? Try a low cut neckline to make the bust more prominent.

Pear Shape:

You are lucky to have petite top-frame and curvy hips. Choose clothes that highlight your upper body. These clothes should also make the waist prominent. These are your secret weapons to control the emotions of men. Trendy necklines having cut-out styles in bright colors are best for an attractive personality. Redeem Mothercare code Egypt to order tank tops. These can draw attention on the upper body while balancing the waist and hips. Don’t wear the tights or leggings because these are not good for pear shape body.

Inverted Triangle:

This is an opposite of exact pear figure. Girls having the heavy tops should try to maintain the attentions on lower body parts. Inverted triangle body shape has the beautiful waist, hips and legs. Girls with this body shape have this powerful weapon. They should wear something that brings the attentions to lower part. For example, wear simple tops with shorts and briefs.

Apple Shape:

Girls with shape should be careful when choosing the gym clothes. You have a challenging body shape. No doubt, we admit that apple shape is the best body figure for public parties and gatherings but it could be challenging when it comes to choose the gym clothes. Remember, it is not a rocket science to balance the apple shape. All you need to have is a valid Mothercare code Egypt because it provides big discounts on sexy activewear. Find the track jacket and pair it with sports bra. Don’t forget to wear high-waist leggings to complete the look.


Finding activewear perfect for the body is easy. No doubt, girls may expression confusion in this matter but they should use the body shape or figure details. These details are helpful to select the right activewear that will look adorable and perfect on your body. Consider the valid codes by Mothercare at the for an amazing shopping experience.

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