Selling Gold Jewellery in Melbourne:

 If you want to sell gold jewellery Melbourne, you can get the highest price if you deal with the right gold buyers. Fortunately, there are many gold buyers available, and they buy gold in any condition. But you need to do your homework first and shop around if you want to receive the best deal. Ensure that you look for a buyer who pays in cash if you want a quick and straightforward transaction. It’s also important to look for a safe and secure location to take your precious items for sale. Most buyers will offer free appraisals, and you are under no obligation to accept an offer. 

How to Estimate the Price

To give you an estimate of how much money you can expect when you sell gold jewellery in Melbourne, consider separating your gold jewellery into carats and weighing it on your kitchen scale. The buyer will pay per gram, and the price will depend on the purity of the precious metal. Therefore, 24-carat gold will fetch more per gram compared to 8-carat gold. And since there are no hidden fees or charges, you will get all your money. And you can accept payment by cash, check, or direct bank deposit.

Check the Live Price

You should be wary of a gold trader who doesn’t display the live prices of gold because such a business offers typically old lower prices. Checking the spot price of gold helps you to get the best possible price when you sell gold jewellery Melbourne. Many gold buyers have websites that provide this information, and it will give you an edge when negotiating the pricing with the buyer. When you get a good offer, you can contact the dealer to lock in your price. So, this will be the price at which you sell your merchandise, and the gold trader is obligated to buy at that price because it’s now a binding contract. 

Quality Customer Service

Apart from getting the highest pay out with the help of live gold prices, you can also expect excellent customer care when you walk in through the door. Your privacy is assured, and the gold buyer will keep your business deals under wraps. A superb buyer will professionally test your gold and offer you a reasonable price. And the test will be conducted using the latest X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) scanning technology to ensure the highest accuracy. Your quote will also be quickly delivered thanks to this technology. So if you have unwanted jewellery items just gathering dust around the house, bring them to a gold dealer’s shop and leave with cash in your pocket today. 

Bring your ID

Remember to bring your ID when you go visit the gold buyers in Melbourne. You can bring your driver’s license or any other government-issued identification. A valid ID is a requirement because it’s mandated by the government to prevent money laundering and other suspicious activities such as trading in stolen gold. The good thing is that you don’t need an appointment with a gold dealer and you can turn your unwanted jewellery into cash today.

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