How virtual horse racing differs from the real thing

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular sports around the world. It’s certainly one of the most popular sports to place a bet on; to the degree that horse racing and gambling are almost synonymous. But real races can be unreliable, with bad weather conditions affecting performance or even leading to cancellations, and it’s not possible to have races all year round.

As a result we now have virtual horse racing, which like watching movies online, is a natural development for the digital age. Although originally developed as slot machines in casinos and bars, virtual horse racing games are now widely available online. They can be enjoyed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and like with real races a variety of bets can be placed in order to win real money.

Realistic simulation

Although described as a game, you don’t exactly play virtual horse racing. Just like with a real race, you look at the odds for each runner, place a bet and then watch the race to see who wins. The difference is that with horse racing at your favorite NJ online casino, the race you are watching is a hyper-realistic simulation, and the results of the race are entirely randomly generated.

Understanding the odds

The winner of a virtual race is decided by a random number generator. None of the horses have past form that can be studied, as they don’t exist, nor can the conditions of the racecourse be taken into consideration. So if every horse has an equal chance of winning, how are odds determined? And why would you not always bet on the horse with the longest odds, i.e. the biggest potential payout?

The answer is that the odds do reflect a horse’s chances of winning, as the lower the odds, the more potential “draws” that horse has. It’s easiest to picture a lottery, where the winning horse is determined by drawing a ball with that horse’s name on it. Lower odds horses have more balls with their name on, and so a better chance of winning.

In virtual racing, the favorite really is the favorite, and so is the best bet; but it’s also possible for a long shot to come in first as well.

Types of bets

Virtual horse racing has fewer bet types than you’d find at the track, but there are still a range of options. These include a straight bet on the winner, a lay bet (that a horse won’t win), a show bet (horse to finish in top three), a forecast bet (picking the top two horses in the right order), a dual forecast bet (the top two, but in any order) and a tricast bet (the top three in order). You place your bet and watch the minute-long race, simulated from film of real horse races, with the outcome declared at the end.

Virtual horse racing has many advantages over the real thing. It is reliable, the odds are always fixed, and there are never any non-runners or non-finishers. There are no worries about animals being mistreated and no prior knowledge is required to pick a winner. Whether you’re a veteran punter or a curious beginner, virtual racing is a great experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

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