Advantages and disadvantages of different types of towing trucks:

There are four main types of towing trucks and are used for different purpose. The most popular tow truck in flatbed tow truck which has different benefits as compared with other. Furthermore, many towing companies also have huge verity of in which Slide-on car [รถสไลด์ออน , which is the term in Thai] is another type of towing truck.

The drawback of hook and chain tow trucks:

A couple of time ago towing companies used to tow every type of vehicle with hook and chain tow truck. It was difficult to tow a car having two wheels on the ground it works with looping chain but while dropping of the vehicle to the shop sometimes that vehicle gets damage that is the reason why hook and chain tow truck are not used by towing providers nowadays. While towing the vehicle by using chain can even damage the body of a vehicle that is why it is not recommended now. Make sure when you are availing the service you should have enough knowledge about different equipment used by them in order to avoid additional.

Comparison of wheel lift tow truck with other towing equipment:

As we have already discussed the flatbed truck that it offers a lot of benefits to the consumer. Now if we compare wheel lift tow truck and flatbed truck, wheel lift truck is inexpensive but as hook and chain tow truck it can also cause some damage to the vehicle. Many individuals prefer flatbed truck as from the safety point of view; they are more reliable. Wheel lift tow truck is used to tow the vehicle by hooking under the first or last wheel. It uses metal yoke to lift the vehicle. Hook and chain truck damage the bumper of car whereas, wheel lift has no such disadvantages. For towing bigbike [รถยกมอเตอร์ไซค์ big bike, which is the term in Thai] wheel lift truck considers as appropriate choice.

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